Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards

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Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards

The Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards outline keys to achieving effective practice and delivery of high-quality mentoring for all youth. These mentoring standards are based on best practices and national research documenting the positive outcomes associated with engaging young people in high-quality mentoring relationships. Adherence to the Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards will help ensure that youth in your program get the support they need to succeed in school, work, and life.

These standards resulted from the research and development efforts of the Indiana Youth Institute and Indiana Mentoring Partnership working in conjunction with community and national partners. The Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards are designed to incorporate the essential practices for both volunteer and professional mentoring. They can be used by community-based, school-based, faith-based, corporate-based, and Internet-based mentoring programs to meet the specific needs of the young people those programs serve.

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Elements of Effective Practice

The Indiana Quality Mentoring Standards align with the national standards developed by the National Mentoring Partnership/MENTOR. The Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ were first released in 1991 and are widely accepted as the national and global standards for quality youth mentoring. These research-based best practices help to ensure that as the mentoring field grows, programs have the tools for safety and effectiveness to produce positive outcomes for young people.

As an affiliate Mentoring Partnership of MENTOR, the Indiana Mentoring Partnership helped inform the development of the latest edition of Elements and can assist your mentoring program in achieving these national standards.

The Fourth Edition offers a state-of-the-art set of Standards with Benchmarks and Enhancements for mentoring programs that build on the full body of mentoring research, as well as on promising recent innovations. We believe the Elements provide the foundation for improving the value, outcomes and sustainability of youth mentoring programs.

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